Friday, November 27, 2009

Why does my dog have scabs by her ear?

I have a border collie cross lab, shes a year old.. and she just recently got a scab right below her ear. I dont know what it is. It looks like her hair is crusted from some discharge or something. She has seemed to be more tired lately. I dont know what the scab could be? I havent seen any ticks on her.. or noticed anything flea like.. so if u can help that would be great.thanx

Why does my dog have scabs by her ear?

Just go to the vet, it sound really bad

Why does my dog have scabs by her ear?

If she plays with other dogs it could be from a bite. My dogs get little scabs all the time because they play rough with each other. I come across them when I'm petting them. I don't worry much about it.

If she is left outside a lot, it could be that she has flies biting her ears. In that case the best thing to do is keep her indoors. You can also buy topical ointments that will heal the sores and repel the flies at the same time.

If neither of these is a possibility, you should consider taking her to the vet, ESPECIALLY if the wound is getting worse instead of better over time. In the meantime, keep the area clean with soap and water.

Hope that helps.

Why does my dog have scabs by her ear?

there's so many things it could be; mites, an animal bite, scratching...take your pet to the vet for a check up. It never hurts for a yearly check up.

Why does my dog have scabs by her ear?

No, we don't know what the scab could be either - how could we, we haven't seen it, examined the dog or taken clinical history - oh, and we're not vets either!

If you actually want an answer to this question you're going to have to direct it at a vet. Could be an abscess (infection) - if you're dog is appearing lethargic, that would also be a reason to go to a vets. The two things may or may not be related.


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